Hack Hospitality is a weekend long deep dive into the problems that some of the leading companies in the Hospitality industry are trying to solve. Our hackathon will bring together the best builders and problem solvers in the Tampa Bay technology community to create real solutions for challenges presented by select companies in the Hospitality industry.

Every participant will receive 7 meals throughout the weekend, caffeine, alcohol, swag, a t-shirt, and has a chance to bring home the $3,000 cash prize brought to you by our event sponsor, Sourcetoad. This will be the last hackathon to happen at The Iron Yard Tampa Bay so let’s send them out with a bang!Check out tampabayhackathon.com for more details. Friday – August 25th:Hackathon begins and teams finalize. Partners detail their challenges. Teams start building.Saturday – August 26th: Teams work on solutions and company partners are available to answer questions.Sunday – August 27th: Teams finish their projects and pitch solutions to the judges. Winners are chosen. Afterparty!This event places a heavy focus on building functional solutions so developers, designers, and non-technical people with experience in hospitality or technology are encouraged to attend. These tickets operate on the honor system. If you buy a developer or designer type and your team finds out that you have no technical skills you may be asked to leave the team and potentially the event. If you’re interested in learning development or participating in a less technical event the organizers will be happy to point you in the right direction.  

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